Rocket Dogs Baker Platform Sneakers – The Evil Shoes

  I’ve bought Rocket Dogs obsessively for almost ten years now. I’ve probably had fifteen different pairs, a lot of Joint canvas, and various others.

  I even post things like this to Instagram…

Recently I saw a black Friday sale, and grabbed the Baker Set Sail platform sneaker. I bought it for a  specific purpose: to be a comfortable shoe to wear with jeans that need a little height. I assumed they would be comfortable; Ive never had am issue with the brand, and also they reminded me of a pair of Vans that I wore to pieces in high school that were very comfortable.


  As soon as I took these out of the box I had doubts. The upper was really stiff canvas, nothing like any other pair of Rocket Dogs I’ve had. It was actually difficult to get them on because of the stiffness.

  I thought that they might feel a bit stuff at first, but I figured they would loosen up after a few wears. So I put them on to go to work one day with out a second thought.

  I have about a mile walk from the train station to work. I don’t consider this a long or challenging walk. But with these shoes, halfway through the walk I was fantasizing about getting to Walgreen’s to buy the thickest socks avalible and bandaids. By the time I got to the office, it was taking a lot of effort not to walk funny. I knew I’d have to bandaid up the backs of my heels in order to walk to lunch. I knew they hurt pretty bad… But when I went to take the shoes off, I saw blood stains at the backs of them. They had cut my feet up so bad that I’d bored through my socks, and onto the upper of the shoe.

Fortunately, after I realized I was bleeding, I didn’t feel quite so much like I was being a baby.

  The unfortunate thing is that I can’t return the shoes, as I’ve already bled on them. Originally I wasn’t going to devote a blog to this, as I do really, really like Rocket Dogs.. But it’s four days later and my socks so have to be pulled off the scabby cesspools at the back of my heels every day, and it can be hard not to limp. In short, I don’t recommend these shoes.



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  1. busydarling says:

    Oh my. I had a similar experience with Rocket Dog, btw. Ballerina shoes… painful ones.

    1. rika9 says:

      I’ve never had their ballet flats.. I’ve stopped attempting that type of shoe because every pair I’ve had, from various brands, was torturous. I guess my feet aren’t shaped right for them. 😦

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