Lungshan (Mengjia Longshan Temple), Taipei, Taiwan

entrance to lungshan temple in taipei taiwan with monkey and horse decorations

I thought I’d linger a little bit longer in memories of Taipei, so here are my photos from a wander into Lungshan Temple. I am not an expert on this temple, so I don’t want to try to tell you all about it and risk being wrong. I just know that on a work trip for a press stop in Taipei, on the day we arrived and were meant to be sleeping off our jet lag, we went out in search of markets, and dumplings, opportunities to take impressive selfies, and/or the opportunity to have novel experiences with public bathroom facilities, depending on which member of our party you asked. (The bathroom thing, if there was any doubt, was my ambition.)

I knew nothing about the temple then, or even that it was there, but we came upon it, and upon determining that all seemed to be welcome, we went in. After observing long enough to determine that taking photographs was a thing that was done, I did that thing. These are those photos.

interior view of Longshan Temple courtyard with worshiperswomen praying at Longshan Temple, Taipei, Taiwan.close up of a carved figure riding a deer or elk on pillar at Lungshan Temple in Taipeiclose up detail from carved scene in Longshan Templered candles lit in centerpiece at Lungshun Temple in taiwanCarved figures anbd dragons on temple roofPeople walk around a gold fixture with smoke from incense at Longshan Temple in Taipei Taiwan.A small human figure leaping near a dragon's head on a carved pillar at Lungshun Temple in Taipei Taiwan.A carved pillar featuring a dragon with a candle fixture and red lit candles in a templeTemple worshipers with incense praying at Lungshan Temple in Taipeifull frame of ornate carvings in black with white and gold details on Lungshun Temple wall in Taipei, TaiwanRed candles burning at Longshan Temple in Taipei, Taiwan, with a woman in a face mask in the background.

I know now that the temple is called Lungshan (which is the primary name I’m using because it was on the English language sign on site) or  Mengjia Longshan Temple or Banka Longshan or Lungshan of Manka, or 艋舺龍山 . A sign in English that I photographed said:

Lungshan Temple

A Grade Two Historic Site

Lungshan Temple was built in 178 by Fujianese immigrants as a branch of the original Lungshan Temple in Fujian Province. It took three years to complete. Due to natural and man-made disasters, the temple has been repaired and renovated on numerous occasions. It faces south, with halls to the front and back and a central hall surrounded by protective dragons. The two bronze dragon pillars in the front hall, the four dragon pillars in the central hall, and the wooden carvings are all exquisitely crafted. The plafond and shrine in the front hall are particularly outstanding. The temple columns, inscriptions, and plaques are also worth a look. 

1 October 2004

These photos are from early in 2016. There were many temporary decorations featuring monkey, likely to usher in the Year of the Monkey, and some with horses.

RikaConfessesLongshanTemple_6042 - Copy


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