Using My Pictures

I try really hard to use only pictures that belong to me, whenever possible, and to credit photos that belong to other people. I think if you have a blog which uses mostly photos that aren’t yours, your fans and followers are really just fans of the person whose photos you stole.  Unless otherwise noted, my photos are mine.

That said – you may use up to three (3) of my photos on your blog if the post is “about” my blog in some way – i.e. you are making a list of blogs you like, or you want to mention my post about puppies in your post about puppies, or even if you want everyone to know how much you hate my blog. You must credit me properly, and link back to my blog. You also cannot use my photos in a directly commercial way.

I don’t mind if you pin my pictures to Pinterest; I’d appreciate if you put my blog address in the description, and if you let me know in the comments that you pinned something, I’d be really happy.

If you want to use my photos in any other way, you must get specific permission.

Part of what I love about the internet is the free sharing of ideas; this is why I give blanket permission to reuse some of my photos under limited circumstances. Please don’t be a jerk and use them in other ways or without crediting me.

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  1. Lily Scaggs says:

    Your “13 Hairstyles with a Side Shave” was what finally convinced my mom and dad to let me get a side shave! I am getting it in a week or so, so I was wondering if you have any other tips or advice for me. My hair is about 6 inches past my shoulder and I have side sweep bangs. Thanks a bunch!

    1. rika9 says:

      That’s awesome! I would just say, remember its just hair, and nothing is really permanent. If you don’t like it you can grow it out. Practically speaking, I’d make sure you know when you go in what area you want the shave to cover. Like mine goes from the first place where my hair will willingly do a side part on the top, and it goes back to halfway across my ear. But some people have them that go all the way behind the ear, or all the way up to the center of the head. I guess I put mine where I did because I thought my hair would lay nicely that way, and the line coming up from the ear makes a nice corner with the top line.

      Oh, and another thing – its really hard to accurately trim the shave at home yourself. It can be done, but I eventually had lost so many pieces accidentally that I had to grow mine out to about 3 inches and have it recut to get clean lines again. So, now I try to always go to the salon and get it trimmed. (Most places consider it like a bang trim and do it for free or cheap.)

      I hope you like yours!

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