OOTD – Black Pattern Mixing, with a Clip

I still have a round up of pictures to do from the women’s march, and several more complex posts I’m kicking around in my head… But one of my goals for my recent revitalization of the blog was to do regular posts, even when I only have something small to say.  So all I’ve got…

Mary, Hannah, Joan of Arc, and a Saint I Don’t Remember

When I was 16, I marched in Washington the day after the inauguration. It was the first time I flaked on a job, the first time I thought of Thom from far away, and the place that I found Hannah. There I am, lifetimes away, staring out of a picture in black and white that…

Three Pictures: The Insides of Planes

Somewhat of a follow up to the last Three Pictures – Someday the things that are mundane and awkward to take pictures of will tell us something about history. Look up 1960s photos of people smoking on planes and you will know I’m right.

Three Pictures: The Windows of Planes

If I can access the window, I’m taking a photo out of the window. I don’t care, its still cool that we fly through the air in tin cans.    

Three Pictures: Foxes in Japan

Sometimes, a theme just presents itself. Our Japan trip filled camera rolls with foxes – statues, actual live foxes, and a little origami. Picture 1: Fushimi Inari, near Kyoto, is best known for its orange-red torri gates – there are supposedly 10,000 of them – I didn’t count them, and it seems like no one…