Mary, Hannah, Joan of Arc, and a Saint I Don’t Remember

When I was 16, I marched in Washington the day after the inauguration. It was the first time I flaked on a job, the first time I thought of Thom from far away,… Continue reading

Three Pictures: The Insides of Planes

Somewhat of a follow up to the last Three Pictures – Someday the things that are mundane and awkward to take pictures of will tell us something about history. Look up 1960s photos… Continue reading

Three Pictures: The Windows of Planes

If I can access the window, I’m taking a photo out of the window. I don’t care, its still cool that we fly through the air in tin cans.    

Twitch Con – Street Style from the Con, 2016

What they wore to Twitch Con in San Diego, 2016

Outfit of the Day of the Week – Gaming Industry Office Wear, Weekend Casual

Confession: Not everything I wear, every single day, makes me eager to tell strangers that I have a fashion design degree. Last week I decided to keep track of a week of the… Continue reading

Three Pictures: Foxes in Japan

Sometimes, a theme just presents itself. Our Japan trip filled camera rolls with foxes – statues, actual live foxes, and a little origami. Picture 1: Fushimi Inari, near Kyoto, is best known for… Continue reading

2016 Outfit Round Up – Vegas, Festival, Christmas Party, Really Great Selfie Mirror and More!

And now, for my next trick.. Here are some of the times I managed to put on clothes successfully! This post is brought to you by my regret at not having posted everytime… Continue reading

Outfit Meltdowns and Failures to Get Dressed..

Confession: Last night it took me about 37 attempts to put on clothes. One of the secret little things I pride myself on is being able to get ready quickly, and make an… Continue reading

Crypt Creeper – Behind a Red Wall, Munich, Germany

Inside this red wall someplace in Munich, we found a small cemetery on accident.. I don’t know its name or how to find it on the map. Since Ich kerne nicht… no words,… Continue reading