I Had a Baby!

And this is why I went from posts on how terrible maternity clothes are to a gap with no posts. Our little Kickies was born on October 2nd, emerging via c-section while Jack White’s Lazaretto played – but by the time she was nestled on my chest, it was Falling Down by The Deadlights – which was also the first dance at our wedding. Since then I’ve been on maternity leave, hanging out with Little Tiny and looking at who I am when work falls away. Other existential questions have come into my world too – how much internet exposure is too much for a person who can’t yet have a choice in the matter? Do we have any regrets at all about our lack of religious observance? Does the Easter Bunny exist in our universe? Most of these are as of yet unresolved.

I’ve kept up better with Instagram than I have with blogging, so I’ll let my past self say it now with an Instagram round up..



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Good morning baby.

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  1. My Feet Will Lead Me says:

    I love that you have (and remember) the entire soundtrack to the birth. That is amazing and something you’ll have forever. Also interesting how having children would make you start contemplating so many questions. Totally makes sense.

    1. rika9 says:

      I had to write it down because I didn’t want to forget, esp because I had a very long playlist on shuffle, but what happened to play at different times was basically perfect.
      There are so many things that you try to think about ahead of time.. and then a bunch of things that come up that you forgot to think about until it was time. 😉

    2. www.mitza.es says:

      What ?

  2. Alison says:

    Congrats!! What a lovely time in life. I have to make playlists for everything so I can imagine how even more special those songs are for you now!

  3. gingylove says:

    How exciting! Soak up the newborn as much as you can!

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