Japan’s Fox Village – How to Get There, What to Expect

Imagine waking up in the city of the future, boarding a train.. imagine flying like a bullet through clouds of mist that finally break to reveal mountains above green fields, all the while opening small beautiful packages and eating the mysterious foods within.. imagine arriving in a small train station, unsure of where to go…

Outfit Post – Gray like the Perot Museum

    Shirt – Shasa (bought in Mexico) Jacket – Saks Jeans – Kancan Boots – Steve Madden Bag – Rebecca Minkoff Camera strap on bag – vintage Pocket square on wrist – Nordstrom

Three Pictures: The Windows of Planes

If I can access the window, I’m taking a photo out of the window. I don’t care, its still cool that we fly through the air in tin cans.    

Three Pictures: Foxes in Japan

Sometimes, a theme just presents itself. Our Japan trip filled camera rolls with foxes – statues, actual live foxes, and a little origami. Picture 1: Fushimi Inari, near Kyoto, is best known for its orange-red torri gates – there are supposedly 10,000 of them – I didn’t count them, and it seems like no one…

Outfit Meltdowns and Failures to Get Dressed..

Confession: Last night it took me about 37 attempts to put on clothes. One of the secret little things I pride myself on is being able to get ready quickly, and make an outfit that looks like I put a lot of effort into it, without much actual fuss. I shop deliberately for items that…

Crypt Creeper – Behind a Red Wall, Munich, Germany

Inside this red wall someplace in Munich, we found a small cemetery on accident.. I don’t know its name or how to find it on the map. Since Ich kerne nicht… no words, only pictures.