The Week in Instagram Roundup – San Diego Comic Con

Hey kids, here’s the second experimental installment of my Instagram Roundup – this time covering Comic Con, and spanning from July 16 to July 23rd.

I had only three days back at the house between returning from Portland and leaving for a work trip to SDCC, and I know I must have been tired, because I didn’t take or post many pictures. But I did get this one of Vega keeping all the bones away from our other dogs.

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Selfish puppy.

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I had booked my trip to Comic Con late, and wasn’t able to get a downtown hotel, so I stayed on Coronado, across the water. Its a quick ferry ride, and wound up being a pretty nice arrangement, because at the end of the day, you are staying somewhere with exponentially less of the Comic Con crowd. The one disadvantage was that it can be a bit hard to keep from sweating in semi-business cassual on the walk to the boat and the boat ride over. I had meetings every day, and was tired at night (thanks pregnancy) so I didn’t take as many photos as I usually do.

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Best con commute? #SDCC #ComicCon

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Sometimes, you see a thing that you are really glad NOT to be doing…

That’s all for this week – and that was also my final (air travel) trip before having the baby. Again, the Roundup is still an experiment, so let me know what you think, or if you have thoughts on improving it. I’d like to get it settled on every Monday or Tuesday.. but obviously I haven’t settled into that yet.

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