Places, Names, and Clothes: Late August Grunge

Just me; just wore it to work. YRU Cute To The Core shoes from ASOS; Gap jeans from EBay; fox tank top from Dowdy Studio in Dallas; paid shirt sewn/designed by me. Nail polish is Maybelline Color Show in Maybe Blue. No makeup.

Places, Names, and Clothes – 15th Street, March 15 2013

15th Street, heading into the dev drinkup; just me as usual (I overestimated the willingness of my friends to pose for clothing shots when I named this feature), wearing a leopard shirt, Guess sunglasses, jeans from Old Navy, Nine West boots, and Coach bag. If these jeans last through the wash I’ll buy more. They…

Places Names and Clothes: To the Store, for Cupcake Supplies

I keep coming back to this style concept in my mind, “pin-up grunge”. It is supposed to, ideally, be a cross between fabrics Kurt Cobain would wear with shapes that Dita Von Teese would wear. I don’t think I’ve really pulled it off yet, but I have been trying to keep the idea of a…

Places, Names, and Clothes: Overdressed for the Art Supply Store.

Today I went to Asel Art.. which is one of the last businesses to flee a dying shopping center. (They’re moving out in February.) This skirt was given to me by a friend who just moved out of the country. So instead of running around London, it can be seen hanging around empty store fronts….

Places, Names, and Clothes – just a day, Jan 4 at Mockingbird

Today I went to work, and then to Mockingbird Station, mostly to look for ideas in shop windows. I went alone. I wore Big Star jeans, a BCBG silk top with a boy’s flannel shirt over it, burgundy loafers.. and the coat is Laundry (found at Marshalls). Not the most glamorous outfit or location, but…

Places, Names, and Clothes… NYE 2011/2012

New Year’s Eve I went to Vickery Park/15th Street Plano, with the usual crew, and I wore a BCBGeneration sweater that Thom got me, random cheap shorts, black hose, brown boots, a necklace that Tiff got me, and a feather in my hair.