Places, Names, and Clothes – 15th Street, March 15 2013

Reflective Leopard Shirt

15th Street, heading into the dev drinkup; just me as usual (I overestimated the willingness of my friends to pose for clothing shots when I named this feature), wearing a leopard shirt, Guess sunglasses, jeans from Old Navy, Nine West boots, and Coach bag. If these jeans last through the wash I’ll buy more. They are the Old navy “Diva” fit and cost 30 bucks. Its interesting, I usually am looking for a curvier fit of jean (curvy as in, big hips, small waist, hourglass shape) but the Diva is Old Navy’s “straightest” fit. The other fits put the extra allowance in the thighs more than the hips, so it just doesn’t look right on me. I do feel like the waist on these is a little big, but.. they cost $30 and I have a belt.

In other news, you would think that I would have stopped reverting to the bored kid face that I have been making since i was 12 by now.. but no.

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