Outfit Post – Gray like the Perot Museum

    Shirt – Shasa (bought in Mexico) Jacket – Saks Jeans – Kancan Boots – Steve Madden Bag – Rebecca Minkoff Camera strap on bag – vintage Pocket square on wrist – Nordstrom

OOTD – Black Pattern Mixing, with a Clip

I still have a round up of pictures to do from the women’s march, and several more complex posts I’m kicking around in my head… But one of my goals for my recent revitalization of the blog was to do regular posts, even when I only have something small to say.  So all I’ve got…

My (Working) E3 Survival Kit – What to Pack and Bonus What to Wear

Remember when Forbes raised eyebrows with this article about what to wear to E3? This isn’t that article. Or remember this odd one from Kotaku that encouraged pencils and starting a blog with the goal of getting to E3?  This is not that one either! This is just my notes-to-self on what I’ve brought that…

Nerdvember Outfits; Late Recap

Yes, it is in fact January now. I had intended to do a round up of all of my outfits for Set to Stunning’s Nerdvember, and I didn’t get to it in a timely fashion. I find I still want to ramble on a little about it, so I’m doing a very late round up….

Places, Names, and Clothes: Late August Grunge

Just me; just wore it to work. YRU Cute To The Core shoes from ASOS; Gap jeans from EBay; fox tank top from Dowdy Studio in Dallas; paid shirt sewn/designed by me. Nail polish is Maybelline Color Show in Maybe Blue. No makeup.

Festival Fashion at Forecastle Festival, Louisville KY

Festival snaps from Forecastle Festival in Louisville (Loo-a-vull) Kentucky…                                                                 That last one is me with Kayleigh Goldsworthy, who is touring with Young &…

Video Game Visibility Project: Pixel Creature Hats

I’m in Louisville for Forecastle Festival right now, but before I make myself a liar, I need to make a post on these video game related hats I got at Screwattack Gaming Convention. To be clear, this is something I tried to buy, but Alec of Freaks and Geeks wouldn’t take the money. So here’s…