Twitch Con – Street Style from the Con, 2016

Now seems like the time for the Twitch Con 2016 street style post I never made in a timely fashion. I wish I’d taken more photos – there was a ton of interesting, individual fashion around, and I don’t think I had a bad experience with anyone I talked to the entire time. Regrettably, I don’t have everyone’s name or site to link to, so some of these are unattributed. I’m admittedly on the edges of the Twitch community – I participate a little but am far from being able to pass a who’s who of streamers quiz. 😉 But, thanks everyone who let me take your picture, and also thanks to everyone who made Twitch Con one of the nicest, chillest, and friendliest cons I’ve ever been to.

That 70s floral and knee boots.


That spirit hood; those swag pins.


That moment when you run into someone else also wearing a Quakecon 2016 Dallas skyline shirt.


That hair that I think Sylvia Plath described; also knee socks and sneakers.


That cooler-than-thou onsie and sunglasses combo.


That games industry suit on stage.


That HalieAtisuto is one of those people who takes the time to talk and make everyone feel like somebody. (Seriously, she talked to me like she had all the time in the world, and watched her listen intently to other people saying hi as well.)


That simple, cool, All (Captain) American look.


That wind in your hair and mini skirt from the future, right before you see Darude play a secret show.


That Pow tho.


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