Hi-Low Skirts and Concert Tees – I Have These for Brunch – OOTD

Confession: I really couldn’t decide between two full body shots for this post, so I’m probably going to post a gif alternating between the two of them on Instagram. Also writing copy for outfit posts is awkward.

On one of the mornings, early in spring, when Dallas was starting to feel like itself again, I went out in search of food. The sun was warm, and the wind was high, and I had clothing that was dying for the light of day. And tattoos that hadn’t yet felt the sun.

For this occasion I wore a crimson red asymmetric skirt from some shady Ebay seller and a tank top from last year’s ACL music festival. I stood upon the black and white foam platforms of Teva Women’s Flatform Platform Sandal as I surveyed my kingdom. My dirty, faded hair was wrapped into orange space buns. I carried a white Coach leather bag – my second one, as the first was lost to an armed robbery in a third floor office – hanging from an aftermarket vintage camera strap. Black bracelets from a Japanese H&M made my wrists look as if they had a purpose in life, and I finished the look with a necklace that you can’t buy. I conjured it into being from pink plastic tube beads, natural lava beads, and some wire. Instead of eye makeup, I applied some round Penguin brand men’s sunglasses – polarized, if you must know. I really wanted blueberry pancakes, but I decided to be sensible and have tacos.

I still wish I had got the pancakes.

I have no regrets about the Teva platforms though; since I bought them, I’ve seen some other similar models too.. and I might buy those too.

Like these:

or these:


or these:

(No I won’t, that’s too much to pay for sandals, and anyway I’m saving my money for pancakes.)


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  1. Royal Lance says:

    You definitely have some style, Rika! Nice to see you posting again!

    1. rika9 says:

      Thanks! Seems like I fall off every couple of years and then regret it. I’m trying to build back to what I had been doing and get more consistent about it now.

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