OOTD – Black Pattern Mixing, with a Clip


I still have a round up of pictures to do from the women’s march, and several more complex posts I’m kicking around in my head… But one of my goals for my recent revitalization of the blog was to do regular posts, even when I only have something small to say. 

So all I’ve got to say right now is that I liked what I wore to work today, and I like the idea of using things in ways they aren’t intended. 

Place: work, and I suppose also in a commercial I wound up voulenteering for at Nerdvana, the restaurant below work. 

Style Icon: What if Marilyn Manson had a regular job and took style cues from my dad’s paisley Church Shirt? 

Hot New Trends: Big paper clips as accessories. 

Shirt: Medina (from Target)

Tie: Jones New York

Jeans: Yeah, same Joe’s Jeans I always wear (I swear I wear other jeans just not on days I take pictures I guess..)

Boots: Dolce Vida

Earrings: Jaguar charms clipped on earrings.

Paperclip: Target 

When we were in Norway, Thom picked up a giant paper clip that he found on a table at Tromso’s cable car and declared it to be a gift for me. I used it to keep my scarf clipped to my face warmer for the rest of the trip. This is not that paper clip, but it was inspired by that one. 

Why am I not writing about Norway? I guess I suck. 

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