PSA: Teva Flatforms are a Sound Investment, and I Have a Sale Alert

Public Service Announcement:

There’s a Teva sale on at Haute Look right now, if you’ve caught this blog right away. Most prices are around the $40 point, and this sale is the widest selection of colors and styles of Teva platforms I’ve seen in one spot.


Like anyone one with reasonably good taste, I am fond of platform shoes. I’m actually not that fond of sandals (the typical lack of arch support, the not wearing socks, the straps that can cut as my narrow foot slides around… ) But, I love my Teva platform sandals a bit inordinately. They are all the ventilation and ease of hopping into the ocean of sandals, without the comfort issues of most sandals, with the little bit of 90s edge of Platforms. They give a little weight to an outfit while still letting you have naked toes, and also being as comfortable as everyone tries to tell me sandals are.

I have never regretted this purchase. Which is why they have wound up in this outfit post: 


And this outfit post: 



(And no, this is not a sponsored post; Teva doesn’t even know I exist. )

To widen the Teva style inspiration, here are a few OOTD posts I’ve spotted featuring Tevas..

Here’s @AnythingButBoringLife ‘s casual pop look featuring the black, white, and yellow Tevas…


Or @LulaRoeBrittanyFowler grinning in tan and white Tevas with a crochet duster. (I’ve also caught her wearing them in outfit posts just about as often as I wear mine.)


And for customized inspiration – @ermahgerson has found a method of putting glitter stripes on her flatforms.



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  1. thelovelybee says:

    Those are adorable! Thank for sharing! I had not heard of teva platforms before ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. rika9 says:

      ๐Ÿ™‚ I think they used to mainly make very functional, slightly hippie sandals before they started doing these!

  2. Great post! I worked for Chacos last year so I’m still partial to them, but I love how versatile these sandals are. Totally cuts down on the amount of space I use for shoes when I travel! haha

    1. rika9 says:

      I’ve never tried Chacos but I know people swear by them. I’ve almost got some a for of times but I guess I didn’t pull the trigger because I’m just not that much of a sandal person and want sure I’d use them enough.

  3. This is a great post, I really loved reading it! I have to suggest this platform to one of my friends and I’m sure she will love it ๐Ÿ™‚ – Amalia

    1. rika9 says:

      Thanks for stopping by! If I didn’t already say it enough in the post, I really think these sandals are the best. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Those are great shoes for strolling and can be pair with your outfit. And that’s a nice touch of putting glitters on it. – Clint Mamuri,

    1. rika9 says:

      Yes, I thought her glitter idea was really cool too!

  5. These are so trendy! I have platform flip flops but they hurt when I throw them across the street as I walk. The straps looks very comfortable and cool.

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