Love vs. Hate: 4 Things I Don’t Need a Trend to Love, and 4 Things a Trend Can’t Make Me Love.


I have been thinking on the concept of personal style lately- mostly because I’ve realized that mine needs a revitalization. I’ve gotten lazy; what I actually do no longer matches my vision. I think that personal style is the assortment of themes that serves you well over the course of time; translated into the language of what fashion is currently. Occasionally I’ve got to put some thought into distilling that out of a general interest in fashion and a life with a lax dress code.

In the spirit of this, there are some things that I always like – maybe I stop wearing them because it is inappropriate against the backdrop of what’s in now, or I become tired of it for a time, or I simply can’t buy it anymore until the trend returns. There are also somethings that I’ll never truly like, and no amount of getting used to seeing it and no prevalence of a trend towards it can change that. Here are just a few that come to mind..

Four things I don’t need a trend to love:

1. Feathers. Not in the feather extension, cut thin and dyed way, but in natural colors or black, hung in the hair or sometimes as earrings.

So I'm having trouble finding a photo of it in use, as image search is swamped by feather extension pictures right now.
Found at

2. Wide leg jeans. I’ll include in this semi-wide, super wide, big ass flares, wide leg trouser, you get the picture. I love them all.

From ASOS. Hell yeah.
Claudia Schiffer - the ideal date for a funeral. (watch Love Actually.)
Kate Moss at Topshop's offices.
Gap Widelegs.

3. Statement jewelry. I’m letting this encompass a lot, because its a concept that has served me well in a lot of different incarnations over a lot of time.

Lile Aux Ashby Necklace
Thom and I both do a version of statement jewelry.
Small statements.

4. Rock and Roll. I mean this both in the way of fashion and music. I spend the pop and hip hop phases waiting for the Nirvanas, Black Rebel Motorcycle Clubs, and digging for Verbenas.

Beat the Devil's Tattoo

Four things a trend can’t make me love:

(I’ve tried to take my examples from lookbooks and catalogs to avoid the appearance of attacking anyone’s personal style.)

1. Round brimmed hats pushed back on the head. Hoss did this sometimes on Bonanza, and it annoyed me when he did it too, even though he was my favorite. I think the point of a hat is to have some jauntiness, a sharp, sly angle. The pushed up round hat makes the face rounder, more open, more.. dumbfounded to me. I know a lot of you have already embraced this trend – sorry, nothing personal, I just hate it.

Urban Outfitters Bowler - I'd be on board if it wasn't pushed back maybe.
A different hat, still bad, from Schott Spring/Summer 2012 Lookbook.
Why, Hoss.. why?

2. Pastel or neon colored jeans. There isn’t any nuance to the circumstances I hate this in; I just dislike the way it looks, in pretty much every circumstance I see it in.

Madewell, I like you. But you can't sell me this.
More Madewell. At least the hat isn't committing an offense.

3. Tops that are feminine yet somehow sexless. I can’t think of a more concise way to account for all the trendy tops I’m throwing into this heading – many include one or more of the following: grandma crepe fabric, ruffles at the neck, peter pan collars, high necks with ties, poufy sleeves, stacks of ruffles… This is somewhat of a fine line, as I do like some things with a 1940’s influence – but only when they’re sexy, sexy, sexy.

Heritage 1981 lookbook.
A shapeless blouse from Chloe. The colors are also pretty grandma.
This is worthy of its own Seinfeld episode.

4. Unrefined color blocking. I don’t like bright colors much; I don’t like oversaturated colors that would fit in on kindergarten classroom walls. So when fashion arbitrarily stacks chunks of colors like that together, it ads insult to injury. I don’t hate all color blocking; I hate this certain kind.

I hate just about every color in this outfit, and I hate the way their thrown together, and I hate the way that every piece of this outfit has nothing to make it special except its color. Needless to say, Heritage 1981 is not singing to me this year.
Forever 21 assaults my vision. Incidentally, the page I first saw this on was filled with positive comments about this top.

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  1. karen katsoolis says:

    How do I get the asos hell yeah pants,i can never find a pair of jeans as wide as I wont them.these pants r the widest iv ever them want them have to buy them.

    1. rika9 says:

      I don’t think they are currently being sold on the asos site, but I food find some similar ones on Ebay. The best pair I have is Banana Republic, from a few years ago I think. Just search wide leg on Ebay.

  2. andreadurham says:

    Found you on Pinterest love your style , obviously because it’s my own. Would love to find a blogger who would help me get seen some more 🙂 if you have time and might be interested in up-cycled designers, would ya check me out and see if we could collaborate in anyway!? Again, had to appreciate how even the things you didn’t like …I didn’t like either, who knew one style feeling nicks another so deeply 😉

    Not here to advertise so I’m not going to leave a link but hopefully you can see my email and website info it asked for. Peace!

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