Places, Names, and Clothes: Overdressed for the Art Supply Store.


Today I went to Asel Art.. which is one of the last businesses to flee a dying shopping center. (They’re moving out in February.) This skirt was given to me by a friend who just moved out of the country. So instead of running around London, it can be seen hanging around empty store fronts.

The photos are a little blown out by the sun – this is Texas January.

At Asel Art I bought some supplies for making linoleum prints, which I’m going to be trying to use on t-shirts.

Everything in this outfit is relatively cheap. American Eagle skirt, which was free to me; Calvin Klien tank top, on clearance at outlet of course; sweater is Simply Vera (Vera Wang’s Kohl’s line); the bag came from TJMaxx and is a brand which I’d never heard of and can’t remember, socks from Calzedonia- which I think is Europe-only. I bought them in Spain.

I’ve noticed the “names” part of this is never very interesting; I go to many places by myself.

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