Sherlock Holmes Exhibit at Perot Museum, Dallas ( #PerotMuseum )

If I visit a museum, and I’m not allowed to take pictures of it, did I still visit a museum?

I’ve been grappling with that question, and also with the question of whether it is morally wrong to sneakily take pictures anyway, for years. (Also, what is the likelihood of being caught?) In this particular instance though, I did respect the rules. (I still got some cool shots of Dallas in the fog, and you can see the souvenir booklet that guides the activity through the exhibit in the video, so still worth watching. Also, spoilers, Thom plays piano with his feet.)

Exhibit souvenir/activity guidebook.


Here’s what you should know about the temporary International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes:

– The exhibit will be at the Perot until May 10th, 2015.

– You can get there on the Dart rail (also, if you are lucky there will be a mysterious message of encouragement on your seat). Get off at Akard station and walk north about a half mile. You’ll see the museum as you get close.

– The exhibit consists of some exhibity things, but the meat of it is a mock crime scene and investigation. You use a small investigation booklet to record evidence, and the exhibit has simulated experiments to test various hypotheses.

– You aren’t too old for this kind of fun. This is a good date activity if you aren’t dignified to the extreme, and assuming you like your date. You won’t find it very fun if you are too serious to complete the investigation activity puzzle. You will find it fun if you are absolutely serious about completing the investigation puzzle.

– Your kids might be too young for this. There were tons of kids there, including a ton of toddlers. But to truly complete the activity requires a fair amount of reading, and some of the tests required a fair amount of physical capability – having the dexterity to put together a shattered (plastic) bust, and having the height/strength to push a contraption that drags a partial fake body over sand. Also the theme is a murder investigation, and there are blood splats involved and also that part about the fake body.  I know some people encourage their children to get into murder-related activities, others don’t – its really whatever is best for your particular child. #NotJudging There are also some bones and other items that are slightly gross in a scientific way in the exhibit, which I suppose could be somewhat disturbing to a sensitive kid. (I still can’t forget the severed horse tail and Santa Ana’s wooden leg that I saw as a child..)

– If its crowded – make sure you have actually seen all of the stations for the potential choices before you stamp in your choice! You will know what I mean once you are there. We were incorrect twice, because we thought, due to the crowd, that certain investigation points only had two options, when in fact there were three. We had already said “I guess it wants us to pick this one even though it doesn’t seem quite right?” and stamped an answer when people moved out of the way, revealing another, better option.

– Its mostly about Sherlock the literary character/Sir Arthur Conan Doyle as forensic visionary, but also touches on the various media incarnations of Sherlock. There are some props from different Sherlock movies/shows on display as well.

– If you see tons of little girls in Dolly Parton makeup with obnoxious bows on their heads, I guess there’s a cheerleading thing in town.

Hashtag Perot Museum.
Hashtag Perot Museum.


I think we were supposed to Instagram crop out the red lines.
I think we were supposed to Instagram crop out the red lines.



This rock is all digistructed.
This rock is all digistructed.


Sunday is gloomy...
Sunday is gloomy…

PS – I have decided, for various reasons, to move most of my YouTube activity – esp the travel/life vloggy things that tend to wind up in blog posts – to a new channel. I’ll probably be writing a blog about exactly why later, and also really making a push to get back up to the number of subscribers at which you gain  full YouTube functionality.. but for now I’m just trying to get up a couple of decent videos. That said, if you feel halfass inclined,  please help me out by subscribing. It doesn’t cost you anything and at this stage in the game, I  would really notice. Its RikaConfesses, click here.

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