And Then One Day I Shaved Part of my Head…

wonka headshave


Yesterday I got the side of my head shaved. I felt like I’d gotten a little stale in my hair style choices, and color wasn’t giving me a rush anymore.. so I cut some off. I hate to be the kind of person who puts a lot of symbolic value into hair, but I think it kind of does symbolize something for me. I don’t really want to thoroughly explain why right now though.

side of my head shaved rikaconfesses

There was some debate on Facebook if this style has a technical name. I’m not sure if it does, but I vote for my dad’s description for short on one side, long on the other – a “zombie killing haircut”. Dad has a history of being a word prophet so it may catch on. Among other things, he was saying discombobulated before it was cool, and the introduction of the word ludacris into the common vocabulary, brought on by the rapper of the same name, occurred only after a year of dad using it in his lectures to me. Coincidence? i think not.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. mocha says:

    I think you look so cool!
    And love you dad’s description:)


    1. rika9 says:

      Thanks! Dad should really have a blog.. or maybe a youtube channel. 😉

  2. Meg Kerr says:

    I love it! Way to go. You’re beautiful no matter what!
    That’s a link to my first giveaway if you want to check it out 🙂

    Meg ❤

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