Will You Take Me Home? Deals That Weren’t Meant for Me – Black No. 1 at JCP Clearance.

Sometimes when I’m shopping, I see something that is an awesome deal, but its not perfect for me. It might be the wrong size, or a cut that isn’t flattering on me, or just not right for my life. I always feel a compulsive desire to help these lonely items find their perfect homes.. but I’m not sure who to call and say “this is perfect for you.”

In the spirit of that, here are some clearance deals from today at JC Penney that weren’t quite right for me. These came from Stonebriar Mall in Frisco, TX.. but you can always check whatever JCP is near you. It looks like the theme for the day is black.

Bisou Bisou Drape Jacket


Bisou Bisou Jacket – size Large. It has a unique drape/pleat detail at the collar. On clearance for $17.

Allen B shorts 2012-12-15_17-26-14_574


Allen B. Satin Pin-up Shorts – size 6. The tag on this pair says $12, but I believe I saw other pairs that were marked $6. It seems like the new clearance tags they use can fall off pretty easily. I probably would have picked these up if there was a 4, but they had only a ton of 6’s and a couple 14’s.

Pleather Skirt 2012-12-15_17-35-04_779


I ❤ Ronson Faux Leather Skirt – size 14. This doesn’t have the best hanger appeal in this size, (see first picture) because the fullness of the skirt is lost. But I can tell by handling it that the shape is going to be great filled out.. Its a decently weighty faux leather. I’m not a big fan of “faux” anything fabrics because I think they can be pretty cheesy, but I would wear this one. At a $6 clearance price, this will be an epic steal for somebody. My JCP only had a couple of these – both in size 14.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Ingrid says:

    Nice leather skirt, it will suit me 😛


    1. rika9 says:

      It would look good on you! And I think it would go nicely with your style posts.

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