My (Working) E3 Survival Kit – What to Pack and Bonus What to Wear

Remember when Forbes raised eyebrows with this article about what to wear to E3?

This isn’t that article.

Or remember this odd one from Kotaku that encouraged pencils and starting a blog with the goal of getting to E3? 

This is not that one either!

This is just my notes-to-self on what I’ve brought that was totally worth it. (Keep in mind that this is based on going for work, and working primarily at a booth showing.) And yeah, I know its been awhile since this year’s E3, but I was tired.

Let the pictures begin…

Survival kit - title

e3 selfie

sensible shoes

heels for e3

swag bags

dry shampoos

carry at all times

a small handbag

did you know you need e3 flash drive lip balm chopsticks

power strip for e3 travel

the best coworkers for travel

What to wear ideas based on my life at conventions/trade showis/gaming industry event. (While being female, and at work.)

Gaming Industry Trade Show Casual
Gaming Convention (When You're Working)

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