Video Game Visibility Project: Carpe Fulgur Collection on Steam Sale


Well, Steam sales got me again.

Carpe Fulgur

I’m dispensing with the format that I had been using for these, because I’ve found that in many cases, it doesn’t cause me to reveal anything interesting. And its poorly adapted to gifts, ect.


So. I bought the Carpe Fulgur collection because it was on sale, and it contains some games that I’ve had my eye on for awhile. The collection contains Chantelise, Fortune Summoners, and Recettear. I’ve been curious about Recettear for a long time, because my friend Kelley talked about it. (She also makes me want to read books sometimes, click her name to check out her blog.) It sounded unusual and interesting, and she has a way of describing things that makes me want to try them too.

I think I was feeling a little nostalgic for the games I loved during the Playstation 1 era, so Chantelise also looked appealing to me with its cute little stylization.

I also had about $3 in my Steam account from selling Steam trading cards, so I decided to splurge and go with the whole collection.  It was $7.77 on sale.

I still haven’t played any of these games though, so by buying them I broke one of my rules: I’m not supposed to buy games that I don’t intend to play right away. (Just talked about this on RambleCast too…) I don’t feel THAT bad about breaking the rule though, because I’ve considered buying Recettear for so long, and I also decided not to pay money for lunch that day so in my mind it all evens out.


In other gaming related news, I was recently featured in Patrick Scott Patterson’s Women Gamers Week. I think his intent with this feature is in line with mine for the Visibility Project – to show that the face of gaming doesn’t always fit a certain look. (He’s also been unintentionally supplying me with new ladies to follow on Twitter too.)

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