Video Game Visibility Project: Life is Strange


Life is Strange


I forgot Life is Strange Episode 1 was coming out. So right when I was feeling confident in my lack of need for new games.. I pretty much had to buy it. I wanted to play it before I heard much chatter about it, and I could tell chatter was already starting. So I put my five bucks on it on Steam.

While the rest of you were watching the Super Bowl, I wandered through Life is Strange. There’s probably a PlayDiary coming on from this game, so I don’t want to spoil too much, but I played the episode straight through. Its one of those games that stayed persistently in my head after I put it down. Would recommend, would buy again, would consider playing through again but right now I don’t want to know what the full ramification of my choices was and what I passed by.

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  1. Elena C says:

    This is aa great post thanks

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