Video Game Visibility Project: Pixel Creature Hats

I’m in Louisville for Forecastle Festival right now, but before I make myself a liar, I need to make a post on these video game related hats I got at Screwattack Gaming Convention. To be clear, this is something I tried to buy, but Alec of Freaks and Geeks wouldn’t take the money. So here’s me telling you to check out his both sometime if you’re at a Dallas area con. They specialize in vintage games at good prices, but have a little bit of everything game related. (I did a video on thier SGC booth last year too..) Check out the Facebook at




And now, here’s the required details:
What: pixel creature beanie hats

Why I bought: I like hats and video game creatures?

Where I bought it: Freaks and Geeks booth at SGC

What it was like: Saying hi to Alec, checking out the booth. Was tempted to buy the boxed copy of Drug Wars, but I’ve kind of sworn off buying novelty vintage things unless they are related to defunct MMOs.

(I know this is sort of a “soft” have related purchase, but I said I was posting everything game related. I promise, more “hardcore” stuff soon.)

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