Video Game Visibility Project – Final Fantasy X/X-2 Remaster on PS Vita – Purchasing Gamer Girl Power

This year on my (30th) birthday, I promised myself that I would post a picture of myself with every gaming related purchase I make this year, along with a few details. The point is to be a visible customer to anyone who cares to see the varied face of game consumers, and also to satisfy my own curiosity about what sort of consumer I am. For more of the inspiration for this, see the original post – PURCHASING GAMER GIRL POWER OR VIDEO GAME VISIBILITY PROJECT.

This post is late, as I was at Comic Con for work shortly after this purchase.

So I got a little artsy with how I took this picture.. or it felt like that at the time.
So I got a little artsy with how I took this picture.. or it felt like that at the time.

What: Final Fantasy x/X-2 HD Remaster for Playstation Vita (physical box)

Why I bought: I never actually really player FFX myself. I did watch Thom play quite a bit of it, which is probably why I wasn’t in a big hurry to play it myself. Just before the remaster was announced, I had sat down to play it in the original.. and was really having a hard time adjusting to the graphics. So as soon as I heard about the remaster, I decided to wait. I bought it now, because I wanted something to play on Vita while traveling. I bought the physical box because Vita memory is expensive. (I’m aware that X-2 is a download code in the box, but I won’t be needing to deal with that problem until I finish the first.)

Where I bought it: The same old Gamestop I usually go to in East Plano

What it was like: It wasn’t my favorite employee who last sold me PS Plus time, but it was a nice younger guy. He saw my work lanyard and asked me about getting into the industry. I told him to email me sometime, but I don’t believe he has yet. It was a quick Gamestop run, I was on lunch.

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Kelley says:

    YAY for Final Fantasy X/X-2!!! Does this version have the bonus content in X-2 (I think like a couple extra dress spheres or something)?!?!

    1. rika9 says:

      Im not sure yet. I need to buy a new memory card before I can download x-2, figure I’ll worry about it after I beat X.

  2. Seems you too have been struck by the cures of the Vita… so many great games and that damn over priced memory card 😦

    1. rika9 says:

      Yeah, I’m surprised honestly how much I like the Vita. I’ve never really gotten into a mobile console before this. Fortunately for me, a friend gave me his old memory card so that’s at least lessening the burden of expensive memory cards right now.

      1. yeah I was not a fan of it before i got mine. btw you’re pretty lucky, I wish a friend give me a free memory card for mine lol.

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