Pictures About Cars and Driving


I really do have a thing about cars and driving. I’ve been known to make cracks about The Beach Boys writing more songs about cars than girls, but I am fully aware of the degree of which I get swept up in the mythology of a car.

Its not the status symbol of a car; its not the power of a particular engine; they’ve not even often been particularly nice cars. Its something about the combination of security and freedom that comes from a familiar machine around you and the open world outside of that.

I know that when I take a photo through the window of the car, it is not going to be the best photo I’ve ever taken. I’m probably not going to do anything with it, because its going to pale against the others I’m going to take.

But I feel compelled to take those pictures. To have a piece of that forever? To try to capture the feeling of a trip in visual form?

All I know is that photos about cars and driving are the perfect way to introduce the photos from a trip full of miles.

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