The Day in Photos: The Way I Tell Myself That Its Okay

Nearly everything I like has an element of randomness. My Instagram page wanders from outfits to dogs to Dallas in the sun; from the novelty of bar bathrooms to videogame conventions and places where I am foreign. But Instagram is one of the most calculated, most “intentional” (as the kids say) things I do. I…

The Day in Photos – Sorta – Feb 16th and 17th

I didn’t do so well at doing one photo every hour, every hour that I was awake either on Saturday or Sunday, partially because some of Thom’s family was in town. It is hard to focus on my own obsessive compulsiveness while trying to converse and brainstorm activities for a mixed age and interest group…..

The Day in Photos – Sunday, January 13 2013

I tried to do the day in photos on Saturday but majorly biffed it by not doing anything interesting, then forgetting to take some photos. So here’ s Sunday instead. These are not the best cell phone pictures ever taken.. I used the native camera instead of Camera 360 this time.. and basically proved that…

Places, Names, and Clothes… NYE 2011/2012

New Year’s Eve I went to Vickery Park/15th Street Plano, with the usual crew, and I wore a BCBGeneration sweater that Thom got me, random cheap shorts, black hose, brown boots, a necklace that Tiff got me, and a feather in my hair.