The Week in Instagram + Bloglovin Roundup – Portland, Oregon Coast, and Washington

Here’s my week in Instagram pictures and Bloglovin mini-posts from Saturday July 8th to Sunday July 15th. No, that’s not exactly a week. But I’m cheating this one a little in order to make it span the entire trip to Oregon and Washington, and the wind-down day back in Dallas afterward. This was my last “fun” trip before hitting “too pregnant to fly” (I still have one more work trip to go), and also included my birthday.


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Jet engines. #travel #AreWeThereYet #flying

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Are you hip to this carpet? #travel #flying

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Ikea has branded this mountain.

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When we got in to Portland, we checked into the hotel, which had a view of a perfectly branded Mt. Hood – or rather Ikea Mountain and hen headed out to meet up with Myra and Brien, who live in Portland. They brought us to Salt and Straw – the only time in recent history that I’ve waited in an out-the-building line for food. Donuts, I would not do this for you.



Pixel Pillows And Pixel Blinds At Aloft, Portland

In another example of nerdy-influenced motifs getting more mainstream play, here’s pixelated pillows and blinds in our hotel room in Portland.


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The 9th was my birthday, and that day we drove to Oceanside on the coast. We played around there for a few hours before driving up along the coast. We stayed in Manzanita that night. I’m missing parts of the story here, because parts of the trip I used other, fancier cameras and haven’t yet posted all the photos.




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Glittering sands.

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After the night in Manzanita, we continued up along the coast to Astoria and the mouth of the Columbia River.  For the record, I’ve never seen The Goonies; I just wanted to see a shipwreck.




(Things are a little out of order here, due to my posting order.)

We continued on towards Mt. St. Helens, where we stayed in a cabin for two nights, and spent the days hiking and otherwise looking at the outdoors.


Thom’s Two Cents:




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Where the river meets the ocean..

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We hiked to the treeline, a hard hike for a pregnant person. I actually didn’t realize how hard it was until later that night when my muscles made it really clear. Still, I’m glad we did it. Pregnancy might force a different pace on me, but its good to do things I’d normally do, even if I don’t make as good time.





Back in Portland, Myra and Brien took us to Pokemon… its a poke place! They have a toilet from the future. Also the poke is really really good, maybe I should have lead with that.


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Say it with plants.

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And then there was some special moonshine, (which I didn’t have to try, how convenient!) and some more delicious eating around Portland. Again I’m missing some of the timeline due to switching to the better cameras.

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Special moonshine…

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It's a window, and waffles come out. #WaffleWindow

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Myra came along with us one day to explore waterfalls in the gorge. Unfortunately we couldn’t do Oneonta, with its Pinterest picture hike back through the high walls of the creek, due to a wildfire. We did keep up our tradition of taking a selfie with a picture of the missing member of the trifecta.


Thom sees it like:


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More bridges to hang out on..

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The last day we spent wandering around town, and apparently I only posted pictures from eating places. We also visited the rose garden, but that will have to be its own post as I didn’t instagram it.


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Whose leftovers are whose?

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On the last day before going back to work, we were back in Dallas. We went down for brunch at Armoury, which we chose because our friend Joey was working, and it was his birthday. But its also a nice, easy brunch spot. The Bloglovin post actually didn’t turn out to be a very “mini” post, because… shit happens.

By the way, that “cocktail” down there in non-alcoholic – one of my favorite things about Armoury is that they will make a good virgin drink without fuss or side-eye.


Brunch at Armoury, Deep Ellum, Dallas Texas

Armoury D.E. – in Deep Ellum, Dallas Texas

Unlike many of the brunch spots that Dallas local press fawns over, a trip to Armoury usually doesn’t require a long wait for a table. This is perhaps because Armoury is more of a true bar than a restaurant, but it has food, and you can have that food without waiting an hour.

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Let me know what you think of the Instagram roundup posts, as its an experiment I’m trying. I’m hoping to do them once a week, if I can get into a rhythm. The Bloglovin posts are also a bit experimental – I’m trying to use it for quick, casual posts that have a set of pictures – things that I don’t want to edit down to Instagram but are more in the moment than a blog post here.


16 Comments Add yours

  1. placeinthisworld247 says:

    Beautiful Pictures. I have never been to Oregon, but would like to visit someday!

    1. rika9 says:

      It’s super nice there! We’ve also been to Klamath Falls and the more southern coast, it was all really nice.

  2. What an awesome way to document your trip! I live in Oregon and you’ve captured some great photos of the Oregon Coast. 🙂

  3. Marcie says:

    What a fun post about your trip! We’re heading to Portland next month and this made me really excited! We always have the best food there! I live in WA and now I’m thinking I might need to explore Mt. St. Helens because I don’t think I’ve ever actually been there!

    1. rika9 says:

      Be forewarned, the roads in one side had some closures, like to get to views of Spirit lake and such. They weren’t marked until right before the closing so we drove two hours in that direction before we got the closures. So maybe ask locals when you get there? Things on the other side of the mountain were all accessible.

  4. Sharon says:

    Lovely photographs, Mount St.Helens looks wonderful!

    1. rika9 says:

      It was really nice. We didn’t get to see much of the lava flows and crater sure to road closures but maybe in the future.

  5. Jenn says:

    Great photos! I like roundup posts but I feel like they should be short and sweet. You want people to be enticed and go back to the original posts. You have great content, so I’m sure they would!

    1. rika9 says:

      Thanks! Most weeks, the round up wouldn’t be nearly as long. That was a heavy photography week for sure.

  6. Silvija says:

    Beautiful photos!

  7. Sheryy's says:

    I have fallen in love with Oregon from the pictures. Beautiful pictures

    1. rika9 says:

      It is so nice there! Apparently a ton of people are moving to Portland area right now, likely because of that.

  8. My son was in Portland in January and he now wants to move there as it’s just breathtaking! These shots are amazing and I’m dying over that Wonder Woman doll on the beach rocks, it’s just way too cute! Congrats on the pregnancy 😉 – Cori @ Sweet Coralice

  9. thatssodarling says:

    wow these are some gorgeous pictures! It looks like you had a blast and got to see some amazing views! I can’t believe you saw all of this in such a short amount of time. Great post


  10. Tara says:

    looks like an amazing trip! love the pacific northwest!

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