Video Game Visibility Project: Dragon Age and PS4 – Catching up from Christmas

Dragon Age and PS4

Complete with dork face, here’s me with some Christmas loot that I neglected to post. That’s Dragon Age, and a PS4 in the back. Both were gifts. After the merry Christmas Playstation Network outage, I’ve been enjoying the game. I don’t know why I took so long to get to this, I guess I just was lazy. I still am thinking that there’s probably something else I forgot about from this time, but not sure.

I also keep forgetting to post my FFXIV sub, month after month. Maybe I’ll find a way to commemorate those all at once or something.


In other random video game related news, I was interviewed for Patrick Scott Patterson’s Women Gamers feature –!Women-Gamers-Week-Rika-Hollinshead-Stead-keeps-the-gears-moving/c19kr/C4ECB092-CC67-40A7-A6D3-10F1AB0F3076 .


For more context, check out the original post Purchasing Gamer Girl Power, or The Video Games Visibility Project.   Rules I made for myself are below.


The Rules:

– I must post a picture of everything gaming related I buy until my next birthday. That includes games, consoles, clothing, peripherals, gaming related books, whatever.

– Things that are purchased on my behalf also count. In the case that I receive a  gaming related gift, I also have to post it, as my existence was a motivator for that purchase. 

– If I buy something used I must still post it. I know that buying used is controversial in the industry, but part of the point is to collect an accurate picture of me as a consumer. If I buy so much used that it makes some one conclude that I’m not a good customer, so be it. I’m actually not sure if I buy a significant amount of used items, so its an experiment for me too. 

– Both the product and me have to be visible in the picture. 

– The picture has to be accompanied by some notes – what the product is, what motivated me to buy it, where I bought it, and a quick note about what the buying experience was like. 

– I have to post the images and notes on my blog, categorized properly, and link up on Twitter and Facebook. (And Instagram if I can find a good way to do those posts since there isn’t full link functionality. ) I also have to #hashtag them, although that is something that will probably evolve, since I haven’t settled on what I think is a really perfect hashtag. #IAmACustomer? #PurchasingPower? #PurchasingGirlPower? Not sure. I will consider using sensationalist titles. 😉 (see title of this post.)

– If anyone else would like to do a similar project, or even just post a single pic, I encourage that and will link up, etc. 

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