Video Game Visibility Project: WoW, Abyss Odyssey, Nights, Free Games, FFXIV, also a Podcast

I’ve been letting myself get behind on the Video Game Visibility Project, in part because I wanted to get my PlayDiary Yuna post up first, and it took longer than expected. Much as I am excited about Video Game Visibility Project, I don’t want it to be the only thing, ever, on my blog. I suppose I can use that as motivation to write more. So, without further ado.. a chunk of girl gamer commercialism selfies.


VGVP World of Warcraft Subscription

World of Warcraft Subscription


What: World of Warcraft subscription

Why I bought: Ok, so I’m not proud. Thom has resumed playing WoW again, as there’s a new xpack coming, but honestly the catalyst that caused me to plunck down my 15 bucks AGAIN was that they announced that old character names would be released. Basically, I’m selfish. Its not as if I’m not playing though, Foxjaws got her first ding in about four years yesterday.

Where I bought it:

What it was like: A ton of trying to remember what I changed my password to last time I had to change it and payment method frustration.




2014-09-23 17.53.32

Nights Into Dreams (I didn’t check this pic for focus after I took it.)


What: Nights: Into Dreams, digital download, for PC

Why I bought: Nights was a game which Thom owned, but he could never actually bring himself to let me have a turn at. Occasionally he’d want to show it to me, but generally would forget to ever hand the controller to me. Because of this, I figured it must be awesome. Also, it was $2.49 on sale.

Where I bought it:

What it was like: Well… I wanted to buy it when I was work traveling, but when I actually had a moment to buy it, I was in London and couldn’t get the US price. When I got back, I thought I had missed the sale, but then the final set of deals was the “round up” and it was back, so I snagged it.


Humble Free Games

Abyss Odyssey


What: Abyss Odyssey

Why I bought: Its by Ace Team, and I’m a big Zeno Clash fanboy. Also, it has Art Deco influences.

Where I bought it:

What it was like: I saw it and thought “Oh, that new Ace Team game is out, and its on sale for $5 off! Damn it, I have to buy it.” So far I’ve only played a little. I couldn’t make any sense of the PC controls, but its a lot better on console. In typical Ace Team fashion, it drops you in there with a bit less of an idea what’s going on than one might prefer. But, so far, interesting.


humble free gamesHumble Store free games


What: Free games from Humble Store sale! Tropico 3 and Reciever

Why I bought: I like free things and repeatedly checking back to see what’s on sale. These were free so its unclear if they count.

Where I bought it:

What it was like: Free is good. Claiming keys was as easy as buying normally is. I haven’t yet played the games.



Final Fantasy XIV subscription

And that reminds me.. I haven’t been posting my FFXIV sub.. Also, chips and salsa!


What: Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn subscription

Why I bought: I’ve been subscribed since shortly after Pax Prime last year. After trying to game out with Fefe and Myra, we all decided to buy it. I got Thom to buy it too, but he only really consistently plays WoW. But, I enjoy it probably more than most MMOs I’ve played, even though being excessively busy has kept me from forming as solid a social circle as I’d like. At any rate, I haven’t remembered to post it, but I guess technically speaking I should post it every month.

Where I bought it: Online, automatic billing.

What it was like: They send you a bunch of warning an confirmation emails, and its automatic.



In other news, here’s a podcast that I guested on – talking toxicity on RambleCast. 



More about Video Game Visibility Project:

For more context, check out the original post Purchasing Gamer Girl Power, or The Video Games Visibility Project.   Rules I made for myself are below.


The Rules:

– I must post a picture of everything gaming related I buy until my next birthday. That includes games, consoles, clothing, peripherals, gaming related books, whatever.

– Things that are purchased on my behalf also count. In the case that I receive a  gaming related gift, I also have to post it, as my existence was a motivator for that purchase. 

– If I buy something used I must still post it. I know that buying used is controversial in the industry, but part of the point is to collect an accurate picture of me as a consumer. If I buy so much used that it makes some one conclude that I’m not a good customer, so be it. I’m actually not sure if I buy a significant amount of used items, so its an experiment for me too. 

– Both the product and me have to be visible in the picture. 

– The picture has to be accompanied by some notes – what the product is, what motivated me to buy it, where I bought it, and a quick note about what the buying experience was like. 

– I have to post the images and notes on my blog, categorized properly, and link up on Twitter and Facebook. (And Instagram if I can find a good way to do those posts since there isn’t full link functionality. ) I also have to #hashtag them, although that is something that will probably evolve, since I haven’t settled on what I think is a really perfect hashtag. #IAmACustomer? #PurchasingPower? #PurchasingGirlPower? Not sure. I will consider using sensationalist titles. 😉(see title of this post.)

– If anyone else would like to do a similar project, or even just post a single pic, I encourage that and will link up, etc. 

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  1. jdh5153 says:

    Pretty neat idea! Best of luck with the project!

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