Travel Makeover – On The Train to Austin, Blue Eyeliner

I’m not really good at doing makeup, but I am good at doing makeup on trains and planes and roadtrips. I think I’m best with limited tools.


I’m on Amtrak to Austin to see Beachhouse and The Walkmen at Stubbs. Everything I used:
-A kit from Kristen Colaneri’s line that I got forever ago for modeling for a makeup class. Its one of the few beauty products that’s ever”changed my life”. I used the bronzer, the pink blush, and the medium eye shadow.
-A Red Earth brush that I got free working at Ulta.
-Covergirl cheap blue eyeshadow, wet with water I carried from the bathroom in an ice tea bottle.
-Smashbox Afterglow lip gloss.
-Oh, and a crumpled napkin from American Airlines found in my backpack that might have snot on it but hey, the germs are all dead now, right?


I guess in all fairness,I put on some L’oreal “BB lotion” before I left this morning. Its sort of like tinted moisturizer. I don’t like real skin makeup.

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  1. super pretty look! i got some garnier BB cream here in the UK in an effort to preserve my laura mercier tinted moisturizer and it’s SO THICK. i’ll keep an eye out for the lotion kind, though.

    1. rika9 says:

      I have two different ones actually, both L’oreal. One is thicker, almost like an actual foundation, its a Youth Code one. The other, the one I’m wearing in the picture, I don’t think had a “sub brand”. It is more like tinted moisturizer when it goes on, but looks almost like a scrub when it comes out of the tube. It had more colorful, younger looking packaging. That all might be different in the UK though.

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