Seeing Things I’ve Seen Before – Caddo Lake

I used to describe the life of a model (under my breath, and to close friends) with the phrase “See interesting places.. with people you don’t give a shit about.” That’s harsher than I really felt I suppose, most of the time, and it doesn’t exactly apply to Caddo Lake, as the first time I saw it, Rox was with me. In actuality, a good percent of my modeling excursions were spent in good company. But there was a sort of persistent emptiness about a lot of the places I went and things I saw.

In the back of my head was this feeling that it didn’t really count. In rare moments when I wasn’t 100% focused on the job at hand, I would look at the scenery, and almost catch myself turning over my shoulder to say “Look! Look at the..” to someone who wasn’t there. I had dreamed of seeing things. But when I saw them I realized I’d dreamed of seeing them with someone.

I didn’t mark off items on a list of things to see; I added places I’d “previewed” to the list of places I wanted to see with Thom and good friends, and with the freedom of my own time. So, on a Sunday when we wanted to get out of town, I wanted to head to Caddo Lake.

For the rest of this blog, we go now to.. pictures.

Ryan ensures that he has a clear view for the drive.

As seen at Love’s.

The compass guides us.


Alien landscape.

Why does Joey look like he’s going to dance?

Not all who wander are lost.

Thom finds the light.

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