Things I’m Considering.. 

– Dying my hair brown. 

– Getting a wig/wigs and wearing it until such unknown time in the future at which I am not so over my actual hair. 

– Running away to Mexico. This is a fantasy scenario I periodically plot towards in which “Mexico” is part Willie Nelson song, part current Quintana Roo, part misplaced memories of San Pedro Sula, and a not insignificant part Robert Rodriguez movie. This fantasy goes back to high school, when I would fantasize about running away to Mexico with my two friends and colleagues at Taco Bell. Then it got a little real when one of those friends ran away to Mexico. 

– Putting stripes back on my Challenger. It’s not the nicest plain black Challenger in the garage.. but when it had red stripes, it did have the biggest dash of questionable taste, in precisely the way that I like a car to have questionable taste. 

– Putting away the suitcase that has been sitting open and half unpacked on the bedroom floor for a week. 

– Drawing a picture to illustrate my new found desire to put my hair out of my own line of sight for a few months. 

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