Video Game Visibility Project – Catch up – PS Plus and Orcs Must Die Pax Scarf


I’m behind, again, to brace for incoming semi-spam of posts. First off, here’s a photo that I seem to have lost in the recesses of my phone gallery and neglected to post..

Another PS Plus subscription!

gamestop shopping

Major dork face going on there. Went to Gamestop on lunch, bought a PS Store card to buy PS Plus with. Pretty standard stuff. It was also @TiffToxic’s last day at that location.


That brings us to the matter of the Orcs Must Die Unchained scarf from Pax East. I don’t always count swag – if it was super low effort to get, and not a substantial item I generally ignore it. But, counting this as its a nice item, and was kind of a gift. My friend @PezRadar works on the game, and got me this without my having to wait in line.

Orcs must die scarf

And that’s how you dress like a video game hipster!


For more on the Video Game Visibility Project, see the original post here. 

The Rules:

– I must post a picture of everything gaming related I buy until my next birthday. That includes games, consoles, clothing, peripherals, gaming related books, whatever.

– Things that are purchased on my behalf also count. In the case that I receive a  gaming related gift, I also have to post it, as my existence was a motivator for that purchase. 

– If I buy something used I must still post it. I know that buying used is controversial in the industry, but part of the point is to collect an accurate picture of me as a consumer. If I buy so much used that it makes some one conclude that I’m not a good customer, so be it. I’m actually not sure if I buy a significant amount of used items, so its an experiment for me too. 

– Both the product and me have to be visible in the picture. 

– The picture has to be accompanied by some notes – what the product is, what motivated me to buy it, where I bought it, and a quick note about what the buying experience was like. (Edit: I’ve reduced this to what makes sense in each case, as I found myself writing a ton of detail that wasn’t interesting in some cases.)

– I have to post the images and notes on my blog, categorized properly, and link up on Twitter and Facebook. (And Instagram if I can find a good way to do those posts since there isn’t full link functionality. ) I also have to #hashtag them, although that is something that will probably evolve, since I haven’t settled on what I think is a really perfect hashtag. #IAmACustomer? #PurchasingPower? #PurchasingGirlPower? Not sure. I will consider using sensationalist titles. 😉 (see title of this post.)

– If anyone else would like to do a similar project, or even just post a single pic, I encourage that and will link up, etc. 

3 Comments Add yours

  1. rainawareness says:

    I have no idea what’s going on

    1. rika9 says:

      With this project? I’m taking a photo with every video game related item i buy or is given to me for a year. The first post is linked in this one, it has all the reasons why.

      1. rainawareness says:

        Oh ok c:

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