Good Design, Even When It’s Not For Me


  Getting my degree did about two important things for me. The second of these is that school instilled in me a respect for design that transcends my own taste. Sometimes I have to ask myself- do I like this because it’s good design, or because I like it personally, and want to own it because it’s perfect for me?


   These Target mini-bags fall into the category of “design I like, that isn’t me”. They aren’t me, because floral isn’t my thing and neither is that particular vintage of denim. But with that out of the way.. I think the form factor is nice, and the bags hang just right. The strap is the right length, and despite the low price point, they went in for  statement hardware and a decent weight of chain for the strap. They also put fabric in the shoulder of the strap, which ensure that you’ll be able to stand to actually use the bag with out it biting into your shoulder.
  There are faux leather editions in various solid colors visible in the background of the denim bag- so why doesn’t an anti-floral, anti-80s denim person buy one of those? I like the design at this price point in the fabric. Fabric doesn’t pretend to be something more expensive, so it doesn’t look as cheap. I hate fake leather, especially cheap fake leather, because most of the time it is fairly obviously a substance that is supposed to look like leather but isn’t. In the case that it does look real, it still doesn’t have the life span that leather does (still sad over my gray Benetton bag and it’s frayed fake leather edges..).
  Fabric on the other hand doesn’t pretend. It’s just fabric, it takes on wear like fabric, and ages by just looking like worn fabric.. Not like an increasingly more apparent imitation of something else.


At any rate, if the fabric suits you, and you have need of a tiny, inexpensive bag.. At $14.99 these are pretty low risk.

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