Confession: I Failed to Ride My Bike to Work.

Last night I went to sleep swearing to myself that I was going to get up early and ride my bike to work. This morning I woke up, on time, wide awake with the alarm playing at 8.. and I talked myself into thinking it was okay to roll back over and sleep another 45 minutes and drive to work.

I know that every time I go for a ride I feel so much more awesome than before I went. I know that the extra bit of sleep after the alarm goes off does not make me feel a damn bit better. And yet, so far, I have told myself over and over that I’m going to ride the bike to work (or more properly, ride the bike to the train that will take me to work) and so far I have not actually done it. I have ridden about 27 miles in the past two weeks since I’ve had the bike fixed, so its not a question of whether I enjoy riding or not. If I ride the bike to work, and to places, on a regular basis, I think I can apply my concept of “anyplace glamorous” (seeing every place as exciting) to my every day. I’ve always looked at places where people can live their lives walking or riding bikes, and despite my inordinate love of cars and driving, I have envied them. But I can just choose to make it that way! At least some of the time.

Why yes, I do believe I am rolling my eyes.
Why yes, I do believe I am rolling my eyes.

I never really thought of myself as the kind of person who would choose what I’m comfortable with over something that I know is better, but I guess that is the choice I made today. I spent all day wishing I would have rode in, watching the sun creep in through the office windows. Tomorrow I’ll do it. If I ride to work, every day can start with a highlight. I just have to get past the part where I swipe blindly at the alarm on my phone and roll back over.

Here are some notes to myself for tomorrow:
1. If you get up and ride to work, you will feel better all day and by the time you get home, you will have transitioned out of work mode.

2. You had better utilize and appreciate the Texas sun, because there are pale, shivery kids in Illinois. If you forget that, look at your Facebook feed.

3. Putting aside the warm blankets and stepping into the momentary chill does not feel as bad as sitting all day in pants that are getting too tight.

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  1. smilecalm says:

    Perhaps the night before, be extra kind to your self and retire early. Only after giving the bike a little dust off and smile. May you be safe and happy pedaling.

    1. rika9 says:

      My bike and I are on the train to work right now. I finally got it done. 🙂 now if I can just make a habit.

      1. smilecalm says:

        What a wonderful habit you have! Go team go.

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