MiniBlog – Wedge Sneakers, but Cheap.


  I’ve wanted a pair of wedge sneakers, much like the ones Will Code For Clothes posted… but I wanted them in what I consider a “dignified” color (no neon, not gold and pink and bright blue) and I also had it in my head that I didn’t want to spend more than $20. I know, im cheap. If they were absolutely perfect, I might have gone $40.

  But I didn’t have to. I got these on clearance at Target for 20 bucks. So they aren’t real leather. That’s not a huge deal for me because I don’t expect sneakers to be leather. I don’t like cheap shoes that scream cheap, or are poorly designed and uncomfortable. I don’t feel like these look cheap in this color, and they are really comfortable for me.

  Im considering trying to pick up another pair and changing the color of them, just strategizing how best to do that…


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