The Fishing License Diet



I would just like to say. .. waiting up for Thom = totally worth it. He has been going fishing lately,  and is apparently getting pretty good at it.  He just brought home a batch, and I cooked some of it with rice and the mango pico I made last night. Also,  he went for a bike ride afterwards, so I got to actually say “so long,  and thanks for all the fish.”  In short, good end to the night.

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  1. Reblogged this on USA Zorro Press and commented:
    I wish I could fish, but the water is radiated from Fukushima so I mustn’t. But I remember when the sea was pure and beautiful, before the Elites got it into their 1% minds that they wanted to melt the poles for profits while destroying the world, Woe is me no good fishing or fish on the west coast of the USA. It truly saddens me to a great length.

    1. rika9 says:

      Yeah, fortunately there are lakes here that are still pretty alright. I’ve lived places before where there are some rivers and lakes that you have to avoid, which is sad.

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