What I Am (Not) – Blogger Personality Exercise

I have been shying away from “thoughtful” posts lately, and also from finally filling out my About page although I need to, but I don’t want you to think that I haven’t been thinking lately. Actually lately I’ve been thinking about why I blog and what I want this blog to be, and what kind of blogs I really enjoy.

Consequently, I’ve been reading and hunting for other blogs quite a bit, and also stumbling onto articles about what other people want and fear from blogs. Do they make people feel inferior? Are all the lifestyle bloggers stay at home Mormon moms? Are all the fashion bloggers white, blonde, and exmodelish? Do all video game blogs have black backgrounds?

As I see more and more what the rest of “what is out there” IS, I become more sure of what I am not… I think knowing who you are not can really help cement who you are.

I am not the type of person who has never blown up cans of Tab in the trunk of the car.
I am not the type of person who has never blown up cans of Tab in the trunk of the car (and then not noticed until all the Tab was dry).


I’m not necessarily at the point of being able to roll my blogging identity into a concise statement, but here’s a little personality exercise based on this chain of thought…

Things I Am Not:
A mom, or a stay at home mom.
The kind of person who addresses people as “lovelies”.
Miss Mary Sunshine.
A domestic goddess.

(I should add the Seinfeld “Not that there’s anything wrong with that!” to all of the above. Except the “lovelies” thing. Just kidding.. some bloggers I like do that. No seriously. I cringe every time.)


I Do Not:
Call people “lovelies”
Wear cutesy vintage things.
Call clothing “amazing”, “fabulous”, or “delicious” on a regular basis.
Make cake pops.
Maintain chip-free nail polish.
Read the pop-fantasy literature du jour.

Proof that my nails were chipped before it became cool.
Proof that my nails were chipped before it became cool.

Things That I Am That Don’t Mean A Damn Thing:
Blonde-ish (most of the time)


Posts I Will Never Write:
Modest Dressing: Respecting Yourself By Not Tempting Others
Hillary Clinton, Hero and Style Icon
Fabulously Delicious Neon Colored Skinny Jeans
Making Cake Pops for My Darling Lovelies
Tutorial: DIY Hunger Games Centerpieces


I like _____ but _______ .
I like craft blogs, but they are overwhelmingly about knitting.
I like street style blogs, but too many of them only focus on New York and Paris.
I like several blogs by Mormons, but I tend to skip over any posts about modesty or the proper treatment of husbands. (I like being nice to my husband as much as the next girl, I just don’t like the one-size-fits-all husbands approach, I like to tailor my treatment to the one I’ve actually got.)
I like some blogs by stay at home moms, but I skip over kid photography that isn’t creative.. and sometimes I just can’t identify.
I like fashion blogs, but I think a lot of them are too homogeneous in both the styles they cover and the writing style they use.
I like looking at pictures but I hate realizing that I’m reading a blog composed entirely of pictures taken from else where.
I like diy blogs, but I don’t like to make things that LOOK diy.
I like lifestyle blogs, but I wonder where the coverage is of lifestyle that doesn’t all take place in the home.
I like travel blogs, but hate seeing mostly coverage of trips that most people couldn’t imitate (like receiving private dance lessons from Broadway stars or staying only in $300+ per night hotels.)
I like photography blogs, but sometimes people don’t give enough description about what the photos are.

Practical travel tips FTW.
Practical travel tips FTW.


I am oddly bothered by…
… bloggers who rant about work, with specific details. I’m afraid they’ll get fired, which apparently, they are not

… blogs with hair colors in the title of them. Oh, so you’re the only blonde whatever out there? Ill want to read this because you’re brunette? You’re really committed to that one hair color.. forever?!

… couples who look really really wholesome. Oh wait.. I don’t think that is considered an odd bother in this day and age.


Now for the fun idea that I had that I will be surprised if anyone else thinks is fun…  If you fill out my “Blogger Personality Exercise” and send me a link, I’ll re-post it (with your link of course). The goal is five answers per item.

Here’s the copy-and-paste get started easy version:

Things I Am Not:


I Do Not:


Things That I Am That Don’t Mean A Damn Thing:


Posts I Will Never Write:


I like _____ but _______ .


I am oddly bothered by…



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Epp says:

    I’m one of those who calls my followers lovelies and I love it 🙂 They are all lovely so why not to call them like that 🙂


    1. rika9 says:

      Lol! After I wrote that I realized that I read a couple of bloggers who do that and it sounds natural. Im not one of those people who can casually drop “darling” and “sugar” in conversation.. id have to pick a different nickname in order to sound natural.. something like “hey kids”.. or “fuckers”.. 😉

  2. we all have different personalities but I think it’s a rare thing, being yourself and straight forward that is. Cheers to being real, love! 😀

    1. rika9 says:

      Thanks for commenting! Its funny, I think it is harder than it seems to be authentic in blogging. I think it takes awhile (or it least it has for me) to realize what is truly in tune with your voice and what is not.

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