I really wish there were sort of a vintage arcade around, something like what the arcade in the mall when I was in junior high would have been like.. in my imagination. Let’s face it, the Village Square Mall arcade was past its prime by the time I had my own quarters. So the closest thing to my fantasy is Dave and Busters. Its like TGIFridays, with games.

You can’t take just anyone to a Dave and Buster’s and expect them to get it.. but I brought Meredith, so there was no one to be a stick in the mud. I can’t remember what game this was.. but I suspect it was designed by someone who had never ridden a motorcycle.

We figured if you’re at an arcade, you’ve got to play Time Crisis 4. And if you’re playing Time Crisis 4, you might as well imagine that you are a smooth talking, too cool posing, Japanese-ly styled hero dude with badly animated but really sexy hair.


We wanted to play this game, because it was like a big cell phone game, but more expensive. We had forgotten about tickets.. Then we remembered tickets.


And then we were all about tickets.


Then we realized we’d never actually played Fruit Ninja, so we had to.

Then there was the matter of the Russian. When I said we were at Dave and buster’s, I assumed he knew what it was. He didn’t. He was highly disappointed that it wasn’t a real bar. But he consoled himself with taking pictures so he wouldn’t have to play goofy games.


Then we found out that Fruit Ninja is a ticket racket.


All we cared about was tickets.


All we played was Fruit Ninja.


Even the Russian could not resist.


We bathed in tickets.


We coveted them.


We didn’t have enough for a pink poodle..

..but we’ll be back.

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