Cheap Geek Fashion Alert – Marvel Comics


Burlington Coat Factory currently has in a selection of Marvel tee shirts. I saw several “group” designs, a vintage style Amazing Spiderman, and a Thor body suit. Shirt styles included long and 3/4 sleeve crop tops, girl fit tee, and raglan.

So why is this a “you should buy this” post and not a “look what I bought”post? Well, since I’m a pack rat, I’ve become really careful about what comes into my possession because I recognize that it will never leave. I’ve learned that a long sleeve crop top is something that will almost never suit my mood. A body suit is another item that will also never really be “me”.. Although if that was a Thor tank top instead of a body suit, I probably would have got it. And I’m also not a super fan of Marvel as a brand. I don’t really want to invite the informal Marvel quiz into my life, because while I’m not NOTa fan.. I’m not an uber fan… I’d rather get quizzed about videogames.



All of these were seen at the Burlington Coat Factory at 75 and Park in Plano, TX, in the Junior’s department. Prices were $9.99- 12.00.




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