Pax Prime Travel- Airport Looks, Day and Night


I’m currently in Seattle for Pax Prime. I haven’t actually seen any Seattle yet, as I’m still in the airport. My flight came in last night, and I slept here. I feel remarkably better than expected today, due to a combination of finding a flat bench to sleep on and taking the time to clean up well in the morning.

Here’s what I wore last night..


Wide leg yoga pants, a drapery top, a cut off tank top under it. And a quick manicure that I’m pretty proud of, technique wise but doesn’t necessarily photograph well. When ever I know I won’t be washing my hair for a few days I like to curl it  , because it helps hide the grease. Hairspray also seems to keep grease down.

Here’s today:


Jeans, boots, a moon tank top, and a sweater with wrong. (The head hole is on my back.. So it’s like I’m only wearing the sleeves.) This outfit I think is pretty perfectly in line with the core of my style- I can be fairly all over the place but this is what I think has the best combination of I feel comfortable and I feel proud of the aesthetic.

Anyway, I should let my phone charge so I can leave.. I hope to have more posts coming soon. I also likely will do some youtubing too.. I looked for videos on packing for Pax (not cosplay centric) but didn’t really find anything, can you believe it? So maybe I’ll make it, in case there’s one other girl aside from me out there somewhere who wants it.

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  1. Kelley says:

    Love your “today” look. How comfy is that sweater? I love that idea — definitely want to try that out. Wonder how it looks and feels in the back, though.

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