Street Style from Gorilla vs. Bear II at Granada Theater, Dallas (TIMEWARP!)

I took these with the intent to post at the time, but I guess I wimped out and felt self conscious about posting my street style shots. As I look back at them now, I know they deserve to be posted. There might be a little out of focus-ness, but I think they still have journalistic value. All photos taken at Granada Theater, at Gorilla vs. Bear II in July, 2012.

Granada - White Fringe and Striped Shorts

Granada - Tattooed Blonde Glasses

Granada - Silk Blouse and Glasses

Granada - Three Friends

Granada - Colored Print and Polka Dots

Granada - Geometric Top and Blue Pants

Granada - Bartenders

Granada - Flared Skirt

Granada - Twin Sister

Above is the singer from Twin Sister, after their set.

Granada - Sitting on Patio

Granada - Top Knot and Stripes

Granada - Tiffany and I, from D Magazine

And Tiffany and I got paparazzi-ed for D Magazine. 

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